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Double Rails Rolling Clothes Garment Rack


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Double Rails Rolling Clothes Garment Rack

Are you tired of wrinkled moldy smelling clothes inside your closet? And do you struggle to look for a certain garment with all the mixed up clothes inside your cabinet? If so, all you need is our rolling rack. Its open design and double rails allow you to store numerous pieces of clothing—keeping them fresh and well organized in one place!

There are many advantages of using a clothes rack and one of them is helping you organize garments, especially if you don’t have enough space for a closet. We all know that well-stored garments are convenient for us in many ways.

It’ll extremely lessen the time and effort you put into ironing your clothes and struggling to find your favorite shirt. Moreover, not all clothes are meant to be folded and that’s just one of many reasons why hangering your garments is the better option.

By using a wheeled clothes rack, it can share your clothing’s weight rather than storing everything inside your cramped closet. You can hang the clothes you wear frequently on the cloth rack and store the things you don’t wear frequently in the closet.



  • SPACIOUS FOR ALL YOUR NEEDS- Our rolling clothes rack has an ample hanging space for you to effortlessly hang your clothing while also protecting them. Investing in cloth racks is beneficial since it prevents your pantry and closet from becoming cluttered. Even better, It has 2 clothing rails that have a hook on both sides and 2-layered shelves below where you can store more of your belongings.
  • GOODBYE MOLDS – Due to its open design, mold and mildew have no room for the clothes rack, which is understandable given that the clothes are exposed and receive light and ventilation. It’s easy to move your clothing rack anywhere in your home, either for relocation or outfit browsing!
  • A MORE PRACTICAL CHOICE – Aside from a stylish look, it’s a more practical and convenient option. Another advantage of clothes racks is their low cost. A clothes rack is far less expensive than a traditional custom-made closet.



  • Material: Steel
  • Process: Baking paint
  • Color: Black



  • 4X Hook
  • 2X The grid
  • 4X Wheels
  • 6X Support rod (long x 2, medium long x 2, short x 2)
  • 2X Curved foot
  • 2X Arc hanging rod
  • 1X Operation Guide


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