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Kids Bow & Arrow Set, Children’s Play Archery Toy w/ Target Stand


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  • INDOOR FRIENDLY: This toy comes complete with 12 foam arrows and a spring-powered bow to help your child master the basic skills of draw and release
  • EASY TO USE: A spring-loaded easy-pull handle allows children to draw and release the string with no risk of misfires; pull arrows from the quiver, load them on the shaft, and watch them fly!
  • LONG-DISTANCE FUN: A powerful spring launches arrows over 120 feet away; boys, girls, and their friends can enjoy the fun at any range
  • TARGET STAND INCLUDED: Take advantage of the included stand by using the score labels to make your own home competitions and the built-in target nets for easy cleanup
  • MOTOR DEVELOPMENT: Watch your child develop fine control as they learn to place the arrows where they want and engage their inner marksman


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