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Kids Electric Guitar Beginner Starter Kit w/ 5W Amplifier – 30 in


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Unleash Your Rockstar Potential: Shred and Jam with the Ultimate GenZ Electric Guitar Kit – Amplify Your Talent with 5W of Pure Awesomeness!

The guitar is specifically designed for children, offering the perfect size that allows them to start playing at a young age and transition to a full-sized model as they grow. It features a single coil pickup that converts string vibrations into a consistent and high-quality electric rock tone, making it ideal for jam sessions. The guitar boasts high-quality craftsmanship, with an all-wood build and a glossy finish that ensures durability and an appealing appearance. As a complete all-in-one kit, it includes essential accessories such as a gig bag, extra strings, a guitar strap, an electric tuner, a cloth, and extra picks. The kit also includes a battery-operated 5-Watt amplifier, which can be connected to the guitar via the provided cable to amplify the pickup signals and enhance the overall musical experience.


  • Perfectly sized for kids, enabling early learning and easy transition to full-sized guitars.
  • Equipped with a single coil pickup for consistent and high-quality electric rock tones.
  • High-quality construction with an all-wood build and glossy finish.
  • Comprehensive kit with gig bag, extra strings, guitar strap, electric tuner, cloth, and extra picks.
  • Includes a battery-operated 5-Watt amplifier to magnify the sound.


  • Overall Dimensions: 9″(L) x 30″(H)
  • Gig Bag Dimensions: 10″(L) x 30″(H)
  • Weight: 7.5 lbs.
  • Material: Hardwood, Metal
  • Recommended Age: 6+ Years
  • Included Items: Guitar, (6) Guitar Picks, E-Tuner, Amplifier Cable, Extra Strings, Cloth, Guitar Strap, 5W Amp, Gig Bag
  • Assembly Required (with instructions)
  • Intended for Residential Use Only


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