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Phone Screen Crack Repair Kit


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Repair any damaged & cracked phone screen in minutes!

This Phone Screen Crack Repair Kit enables anyone to securely, easily, and affordably repair cracks or chips in windshields or phone/tablet glass screens. Avoid paying for an outside provider and repair it yourself for less money and faster. Everything needed to make a quality repair is included in the kit.

With the help of an innovative glue mix, the repair device has the vacuum function required to quickly remove the air from the crack. Because the resin constituents match the optical properties of glass, the repair is clear and blue-free.


  • No¬†¬†Mixing Or Heating Required:¬†The liquid repair resin is pre-mixed and ready to use.
  • Patented Design:¬†The patented design evacuates the air, filling the cavities with specially formulated liquid glass and connecting the fractured glass, preventing harm from spreading.
  • Widely Applied:¬†This kit is ideal for mending minor cracks in windshields, laminated windows, and phone screens. It can be used to repair automotive cracks, breaks, and targets, among other things.
  • Quick Repair:¬†You will be able to finish your repairs in twenty minutes.
  • Stop Cracks From Spreading:¬†The repair kit will not only fix your shattered glass but will also prevent cracks from spreading.
  • Save Money¬†And¬†Time:¬†Avoid paying for an outside service when you can do it yourself in less time and for less money.
  • Easy To Use:¬†Simply apply the repair glue to the fractured surface, place the curing strip over it, and press to eliminate air bubbles. Allow the resin to cure before removing the curing strip and scraping off the excess resin with the razor blade provided. Use the suction cup and pressure applicator for bigger cracks. You’ll be surprised at how simple it is.


  • 1 x¬†Phone Screen Crack Repair Kit


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